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We Just Won an Award!

Well, we're still here and still looking for a buyer.  We've had several serious lookers but no offers yet.  We understand that this is a difficult store to sell since it is a unique business - a 125-year-old building - old-time atmosphere - modern True Value inventory - lots of antiques that go with the business when we sell.  

We're not just selling a business, we're selling a lifestyle

great small-town environment, wonderful customer base, most of them we know by name, wholesome and fulfilling business that is a keystone business in the community, and,


Previously we have been the recipients of the Business of the Year Award from our Chamber of Commerce, and we've been honored with the Citizen of the Year award, the Ambassador of the Year award, the Alexander Dunsmuir award (like a lifetime achievement award), and have been given many "In Appreciation" awards over the years.  Just to show potential buyers how our business fits into this great community.  Today, our local newspaper has informed us that we have been named the "Best Hardware Store" in Siskiyou County.  They conduct an annual vote with their readers to name the "Best" in a number of categories - best Mexican restaurant, best auto mechanic, best book store, and so on.  And we were voted the "Best Hardware Store." We would like to say thank you Siskiyou County, this means a lot to us. It means our customers appreciate what we do and have chosen us.  It's one more reason why Dunsmuir Hardware is a great opportunity for a buyer.     

Want to learn more about this amazing business opportunity? We’re open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Saturday and 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sundays. Come and see us we’re at 5836 Dunsmuir Avenue Dunsmuir, California, or call (530)235-4539.

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