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"Summertime, and the Living is Easy..."

Memories from boyhood

Well, sometimes sit's not as easy as we might remember or as easy as we might like it, But that old song still echoes with a remembrance of summers gone by; and, you know what? There are some things about summer that never change, and one of them is FISHING!

Here we are in the midst of high mountain lakes, rivers, creeks, and reservoirs, surrounded by natural wonders that cause other folks to envy us. While we can get so comfortable with it all that we sort of take it for granted, this year we can't. Take a deep breath of that pure cool mountain air in the morning and be thankful for it.


Did you know that fishing is something that has drawn people to our area for well over 150 years! Recreational fishing isn't something new, many visitors were drawn to the Upper Soda Springs resort, Shasta Springs Resort, and others. up and down the Sacramento River Canyon. From as early as the 1860's people have come to relax and fish. The upper Soda Springs Resort was right there where we have our Tauhindauli Park today. Still a great fishing spot.

Speaking of great fishing spots, Pumpkin Creek!

It's back in Western Nebraska where I grew up and spent a lot of summer days fishing. I think my earliest memory of fishing Pumpkin Creek is when my Uncle Charles got talked into taking "The Kid" fishing. I was about 11 or 12 at the time. He was an avid fly fisher and not wanting me to get in the way of his back cast, he plunked me down by a promising bend in the creek with my bait casting rig and a can of nightcrawlers telling me he'd be right around the bend, he took off for more promising waters, But I out-fished him.

I don't remember how many fish I pulled out of that pool, but when Uncle Charles came back after a few hours, I had a stringer full of nice rainbows and he had none. He was a little pushed out of shape about it.

A couple of years later my two best buddies and I started a tradition that we kept going for several years - Probably until we discovered girls. For days on end in the summer, one of our parents would drive us out to Pumpkin Creek with our fishing greater and our lunches and leave us there to spend the day. Not only was the fishing always good, but the company was also even better. Both of my friends are gone now, but I still have my memories of the good times, the fun adventures and warm friendships.

So, here we are in fishing heaven, and in our store, we carry fishing gear that is focused on fishing our Upper Sacrament River. We import amazing nightcrawlers from Canada and have rods and reels, lures and spinners, hooks and sinkers, stringers and fishing line, and we'll even sell you a fishing license, swap a few fishing lies with ou and maybe even draw you a map for you to find a good place to take the kids! GO FISHING.

You know this lifestyle could be more than just a yearly vacation, Imagine living and running the local TrueValue hardware store in a small community, in rural California. The opportunity is available.

What we can offer is a “turn-key” business opportunity. A buyer can step into an established and professionally managed business and take off with it. New owners and new ideas would grow the business into new areas. We want to sell the business with its established reputation and customer base, the building, all the fixtures and equipment (computers, pipe threading equipment, custom paint tinting, tools, and supplies), and all of the antiques that are part of the image of the business. Our antique collection is legendary and without exaggeration, there are thousands of dollars’ worth of antique tools, hardware, housewares, documents, pictures, cans, and bottles. They belong to the store and will go with it. The present owners have operated the store for over 40 years and are ready to pass it on to a new owner who appreciates how special it is. Want to learn more about this amazing business opportunity?

We are open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Saturday and 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sundays. Come and see us we are at 5836 Dunsmuir Avenue Dunsmuir, California, or call (530) 235-4539.

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