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  • Writer's pictureDunsmuir Hardware

Holiday Decorating with Paint

Today Allison here from House of Hepworths is going to show you how to make a festive holiday candle centerpiece. It looks really classy and was so easy to make. Anyone can make this, I promise!

To make this silver & gold holiday candle arrangement, you will first need to gather your supplies:

  • 3 candles (here are some great flameless options!)

  • A glass vase or dish

  • Basic river rocks (can be purchased at any local True Value)

  • Gold and silver spray paint

Take your rocks outside and spread them out in two separate piles on a scrap piece of cardboard. Once they are laid out give each pile a thin even coating of spray paint.

When they are dry, give them a 2nd coat of spray paint if needed, allow them to dry, then flip them all over and coat the underside of each rock.

You are now almost finished with your beautiful holiday candle arrangement! Gather up your stones, mix them together, and set aside for a minute. To complete this arrangement you first add your candles to the dish.

Now sprinkle your mixed stones in around the candles.

You are now finished! Light your candles and enjoy your holiday season!

This arrangement would also look fabulous with other color combinations of rocks: red and green, blue and silver, hot pink, and teal or white. The combinations are endless.

We also have another great idea...How about owning a True Value Hardware store? We have one for sale. Here is an opportunity for a slower, more wholesome, healthier, and more meaningful lifestyle. What we can offer is a “turnkey” business opportunity. A buyer can step into an established and professionally managed business and take off with it. Want to learn more about this amazing business opportunity? We are open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Saturday and 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sundays. Come and see us we are at 5836 Dunsmuir Avenue Dunsmuir, California, or call (530) 235-4539.

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