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February - Not One of Our Favorite Months

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

With the winter weather, short days, and to top it off, this is a LEAP YEAR! So, we get an extra day of February, the 29th, before March comes in with a little hint of Spring. It seems to us that February is the peak of winter, (or the low point depending on how you look at it). At Dunsmuir Hardware, we're ready for your winter needs. Snow shovels and ice melters are a must and we're stocked up on them and ready for the next winter event. Ice scrapers and snow brushes to carry in the car when you need them are a good idea, it's better to be prepared. Batteries and back-up batteries for those unexpected power outages, and emergency candles too. How about a snow rake to pull snow off the roof if it gets too heavy. Or how about hand warmers or tow warmers to make a winter event a little more pleasant. Now, let's all send some real positive thoughts towards a beautiful spring. We hope we can help with our February Bargains of The Month.


February Bargains of the Month a True Value, from Dunsmuir Hardware

Somebody Came Up With A Bright Idea, The Ecofan!

HOW IT WORKS Ecofans uses thermoelectric technology to convert a temperature difference into electricity. The base of the Ecofan collects heat from the top of the woodstove, while the fins at the top of the Ecofan, or heat sink, maintain a cool temperature by drawing in cooler air from behind your stove.

The surprising thing about it is that it is heat-driven - there are no batteries, no cord to plug in, no wind-up motor or little squirrel in a cage to turn it. The ECO-FAN is powered by the heat from the stove. The difference between room temperature and stove temperature sets up a small electrical charge that drives a high-efficiency motor that turns the fan. Amazing! We have three sizes available and we have one working on the woodstove here in our store for you to see.

Ecofan - the original heat powered stove fan - was developed in the Bruce Peninsula, an area in Ontario, Canada. Canadians understand a cold winter, but the Bruce Peninsula can be particularly brutal. As such, a wood stove can make all the difference on those days when the cold sinks into your bones and you just can’t get rid of the chill. Getting the heat from a wood stove to circulate faster, and stretching the life of your woodpile, make the Ecofan an invaluable addition in living your best winter life.


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