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Fall Clean-Up


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Summer was a blast, but now fall is swiftly approaching. Don't forget to prepare the outside of your home and yard for the coming months by following these 5 tips:

1. Clean out your gutters Late summer is a great time to break out the ladder and clean out your rain gutters. They tend to fill with leaves quickly, so you should be cleaning them out a few times a year.

2. Put away all toys and furniture cushions If your house is anything like mine, you probably have tons of toys strewn about outside. As soon as the weather turns warmer we bring out the soccer goals, sports equipment, water guns, and pool toys. As fall nears, take this time to go around, collect all the toys, and put them away. Also, don't forget to pull the cushions off lawn furniture and put them away to protect them through the winter.

3. Rake all the leaves Fall is a great time to clean up all those leaves all over the yard. Spend a morning raking them all up and bagging them for trash day.

4. Fertilize and water Adding fertilizer to your yard will do wonders for the grass. Make sure you pick up a bag dedicated to fall preparation.

5. Wash the windows

And last but not least, now is an excellent time to go around the outside of your home and wash all the windows. You will be surprised by how dirty they are! If you like having lots of natural light in your home, cleaning the outside of the windows is a must.

By following these 5 simple steps you can ensure that your yard stays lush and healthy through the fall and your home and belongings are protected and taken care of.

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