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Easy and Inexpensive Improvements to Boost Your Home Value

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

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A guest blog by Gabe Perkins, who created to share tips and advice based on what he has learned, tools for project planning, and hopefully, a little inspiration to keep people going when they hit a challenge.

Are you thinking of investing in home improvements? Before you call up a contractor or tear apart your kitchen, consider whether your upgrades will pay off. Many major home improvements don’t impact resale value as much as you may think! According to ABC News, an upscale kitchen remodels only recoups about 54% of its cost in added home value. Instead of sinking your hard-earned money into a major renovation project, stick to simple, affordable upgrades that will offer a good return on your investment when you sell.

Repair Projects

Fixing things around your house is the best way to add instant value to your home. While these repairs are bound to pay off when you sell, they’ll also make your home more enjoyable in the meantime!

● Need some tools for your DIY repairs? You can find True Value hardware products at Dunsmuir Hardware!

● Fix minor cosmetic issues in your kitchen and bathroom — think cracked caulking, broken hinges, and peeling paint.

● Refinish scratched hardwood floors.

Interior Updates

Elevate the appearance and atmosphere of your home interior by investing in simple cosmetic upgrades like installing crown molding or swapping out switch covers.

● Install crown molding to add height and elegance to your rooms.

● Switch out old fixtures for new models. Attractive outlet covers, doorknobs, and switch plates can really modernize an old home.

● Replace plastic blinds with luxury alternatives like wooden blinds or drapes.

● Install stylish ceiling fans throughout your home.

Curb Appeal Improvements

Don’t forget to give your yard some attention! Improving your curb appeal can add incredible value to your property. Start by repairing any lawn damage, then see what you can do to make your entranceway stand out!

● Fix lawn damage from insects, rodents, pests, weeds, and winter salting.

● Make your entranceway pop by painting your front door a bold color.

● Update your exterior light fixtures with modern options — or just give yours a new coat of paint.

● Give your garage door a cosmetic upgrade.

Making home improvements is a fulfilling way to spend a couple of weekends. If you want to make the most of your hard work, stick to upgrades that will help you get more money for your home when you sell!

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